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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Busy Day

No craft work today, but been busy. Drove home from Suffolk this morning and went to the optician with Emily who is making the change from glasses to contact lenses. We have had a house full of teenagers, mostly boys all afternoon and evening, as they held a Dungeons and Dragons session here. They are all in the garden now having enjoyed a meal together. Chris and Emily are playing the guitar. Alan went away East Coast sailing with his friend Richard for a week. I took him to Erith YC this afternoon so they could start their holiday. Catherine has spent the day at Thorpe park with friends, so I am expecting her back home soon.

I have been scanning some old family pictures my sister lent me. Should be good for some future scrapping.

This is a photo of my sister's boys taken about 1993.

Here I am all gappy! On the beach at Seaview, Isle of Wight, with my sister, about 1967. Wearing the dreaded knitted swim suits our Gran made for us, useless garments as they stretched when wet and hung from us and were very uncomfortable!!

Here we are at home looking very smart in our Guide uniforms about 1974'ish.

May get some time to scrap tomorrow.

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