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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Henstead Exotic Garden

Alan heard about Henstead Exotic Garden and took a look at the website. He was impressed with the story behind the creating of the garden and the fantastic pictures. He contacted Andrew who is responsible for this wonderful acre of exotic plants and trees including bananas, palms, tree ferns, streams and their own special buildings, and made an arrangement to visit. Without watch, phone or Internet (just cameras), we had a private guided tour of the gardens and took hundreds of photos ourselves.

We were so lucky with the weather, (which has been promising to change), which was sunny with blue skies.

The garden also includes rock filled ponds with waterfalls, large palms, Thai style viewing pavilion on stilts, amazing bamboos, a 30 foot tiered wooded walkway and a bespoke gingerbread summer house where the tea and cakes are served from.

I'm sharing a few of our photos here, but urge you to visit the website, or better still take a trip to the garden on one of the open days next year.

This area is quite exposed at present where plants have recently been cut back, and new land in the background has been acquired. So much more work to be done.

That's probably enough photos for one day! Back with photos of the walled garden another time.

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  1. This looks an amazing place to visit, Lynn. Thank you for sharing. It will be on my list of places to go next year.


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