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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Woolen Puppeteer

My daughter the Puppeteer! This photo was taken during the last week of the holidays before Emily went back to uni for her final year. We had planned to take some photos of her puppets for some time and then when we got around it it we couldn't get a day with good light, in the end we took the photos anyway as it was the day of her return and we had no more time.

Emily has written a bit about her crafty summer on her blog Rustic Writer.
She made her first puppet some time ago when she first learnt to crochet and wanted to make something give her sister. As Catherine is studying drama and she thought a puppet would be good fun way of learning her lines. As she went along she wrote down the pattern and is now working on this to sell on Etsy - once its perfected.

Here are some of the characters:

These two are crochet and sock puppets

We have all had a lot of fun with these critters!

Missing having you around Em.

Will be back with more of her holiday makes later.

Thanks for looking.
Lynn x


  1. What brilliant creations! They look such fun and I love that expression on Emma's face in her photo ....

  2. What a great selection.
    Good luck with the pattern too x

  3. These are great Lynn. Emily is very clever. She obviously gets her crafts genes from her Mum. :)


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