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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Missing From My Post(s) and Missing My Dear Dad.

Sorry to start the year with this sad news, but this is the first post from me for some time as life has been busy sharing the care of my dearest Dad with my mother, sister and brother. Thankfully we were all able to be with him at his peaceful passing late at night last Friday. 

Dad and Mum on Christmas Day
My brother wrote this lovely post about Dad on facebook on 7th January:

"The hardest post I have ever had to write announces that my beloved Dad, Bob Banks, died last night. We feel thankful as a family that his wife of 59 years Mary my devoted sisters Lynn and Sylvia and I were at his side. We give thanks for having this wonderful man in our lives. We could not have wished for a better, kinder, more loving and giving father, and in the 48 years I knew him I cannot recall us ever exchanging a cross word. (apart from that time I flushed a comic down the toilet.) But apart from his calm and loving nature we are also thankful for his artistic talent and his enthusiasm for just about everything, but in particular music, art, aviation, film, wine, football and comedy, all of which rubbed off on us in one way or another. The world is definitely a poorer place without him. My wife Elaine and I have now both lost our fathers and and fathers-in-law in the space of a week and we both feel very empty indeed. Thank you to everyone who has already said kind things, it is much appreciated, and to Bob and Alan for all the support provided over the last difficult few days. We will never forget our Dad x"

I can't say it any better than Robert has, Dad was indeed a very gentle, kind, loving and happy man. He had many interests and was a talented artist.  He supported us all in all our interests and careers. He and Mum only moved into their new flat just over a year ago and everyone there had grown very fond of him.

Here are just a few of the many photos we are lucky enough to have of Dad, despite the fact he was usually the photographer in our family, especially in our earlier years:

In the caravan at Winchelsea
70th Birthday treat - flight in a Gipsy Moth

Supporting me at my graduation

Me and my little sister with Dad - IOW

The family recently put on an exhibition of Dad's paintings in the lounge of the flats he lives in. There are several posts on this blog about Dad's art work:

For those reading this that knew Dad (Bob Banks) his funeral is to be held at Beckenham Crematorium on Wednesday 25th January at 10.30

Thanks for reading and for all the lovely messages and beautiful flowers we have received over the last few days.

Lynn xxx

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  1. Beautiful words. Thinking of you all at this sad time xxx


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