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Friday 2 August 2019

Wedding Crafts - Part 1

Last weekend was my daughter Catherine's wedding to George. In this post I want to share with you the table decorations I made for them. I had an idea to use artists mannequins as place settings, from there the idea developed. My dear father passed away in 2017 and as he was a talented artist this was intended as a fitting tribute to him.

  In the end we decorated 13 12" mannequins and just over 100 mini figures! 

Catherine and George have been going out together for over 12 years and so chose the years as the numbers for their wedding reception tables, ranging from 2007 for the top table to 2018. I made half the table number figures male guests and the other half female. For the top table I made a bride and groom, putting the bride in the grooms arms.

Then for the place settings I decorated a mini figure for each guest. Each figure was painted, pink tops and pink or silver shoes for the ladies. White shirts, grey trousers and black shoes for the men. The groom had a waistcoat as well. The wedding party all had tiny roses as buttonholes.

Top Table 2007
Then for the ladies, my other daughter Emily and I created crochet hat and ribbon fascinators. I stitched skirts for each lady too. Lots of ribbon belts were made to finish off the skirts. The younger girls had shorter shirts made from wide ribbon. 

The bridesmaids had long skirts and bouquets, the flower girls had crowns of flowers and shorter skirts. 

Bride and bridesmaids

 Catherine's Godmother Hilary's figure, was dressed as the fairy godmother she has been to her.
2014 with Jake the birthday boy
2018 & baby came too
Emily and I spent some time posing the figures in different groups as a wedding photographer would do and made an album for Catherine and George.

I made another dancing couple for the cake.

The Cooper family

I'm waiting for the official photos, but in the meantime here is a couple from the table.

Edited - to add a few more photos I have been sent since this blog post was published.

I'll be back with more wedding crafts soon.
Thanks for looking
Lynn x


  1. Wow Lynn, absolutely amazing and beautiful xx such a lot of work, but so worth it xx

  2. Ah Lynn, this is all just so beautiful. You and Emily made an amazing job with the mannequins, what an incredible and original idea. Catherine and George must have been blown away by it all. What a beautiful, magical day for you all xx

  3. What an incredible amount of work ... so unique and special


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