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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Birmingham University

Writing this on my lap top as travel to Birmingham for the university open day. Emily is interested in their English and creative writing course.

Will update later on they way home - may be.

Much later:

We walked miles, we had to park some way from the campus, then we were sent off to look at various things she was interested in. She wanted to go to a talk about the course it's self at 14.15, so we friend to plan the rest of the day around that.

We tried to take some photos but were on the run most of the day, so they are not brilliant, but a record of our visit.

We were sent off in the direction of the accommodation and some time later arrived (we did take a wrong turn somewhere so walked a lot further than we needed too), then had further walking to get to each of the houses we were allowed to go inside.

The main thing was that it was well worth the visit and Emily wants to add it too her list of choices for her UCAS form.

Alan drove the 300 mile round trip, and we did well until we got back to within a mile of the Dartford Tunnel/bridge, then all slowed right down.

Was trying to tot up the number of Uni's we have looked at with and on behalf of Andrew, Catherine and Emily.

Royal Holloway

We still have more to go including Rose Bruford and Falmouth.

Learn Something New Every Day

I learnt that it's no good worrying about if and where the three kids will go to university, as it won't change the outcome. Just take them to look so they can make informed choices. Then they must get on with the work they need to do to get the entry qualifications. Beyond that, as Doris Day used to sing "What will be will be"!

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