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Sunday, 6 September 2009


I started this blog back in May, I had been considering the idea for some time. I loved the work of Wendy, Karen, and the Paper Maze blog and the Mojo Holder blog. I was talking to Linda who had also decided to start a blog and this encouraged me to put my blog thoughts and ideas into action. So initially I learnt a lot about blogging from her. There are so many excellent blogs out there. So little by little I have picked up ideas and knowledge about managing my blog from the many other talented crafty bloggers over the months. I especially liked Wendy's ideas of making a blog header by hand, scrapbook style, so started off by trying this myself. Was thinking the other day I may make a new on soon and have a bit of a change.

Learn Something New Every Day

Today is about learning from others.

I have learnt a lot about computers, blogs, the internet etc. through starting a blog a few months ago, thanks to all my crafty blogging friends.

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