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Thursday, 19 November 2009

One for the scrapbook!

Prompt 12 - As time allows.

I loved Shimelle's idea of bookmarking a blog entry, by labelling it as an event to be scrapbooked. So I have decided to name my label 'One for the Scrapbook'. This means that when I have time to scrapbook but need inspiration or a reminder of what I intended to scrap, I can just call up posts with that label.

I will start with these photos of Catherine's recent dance competition which arrived through the post this week. She took part in the Kent Dance Challenge in Maidstone, which is now a national competition. Her team dance came third in the under 18's category, and they won a best costume award as well. Unfortunately the lighting was very dim and there was a lot of smoke on stage. We asked for this to be improved before they went on stage, but it was only sorted out for the second half, and of course Catherine's team were performing in the first half. So I need to play around with these photos to improve them a bit more still. The team photo was taken off stage and so is much brighter. I love the way they manage to take a picture of each child on stage. Well done and thanks to DE photo.

And now if time allows, I will go back to some old posts and add this label where appropriate.

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