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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Cardinal Colours Retreat

We all had a fantastic time at Jill's (Cardinal Colours) retreat, held in Eastbourne from 17th to 19th September. Anita, Linda and I were helping Jill and although we are all exhausted we all had a great time, met some lovely people and would definitely do it again. Pleased to hear that Jill has had some great feed back from the retreat too.

I have added some pictures here from the weekend.

Making up the seaside buckets of sweets on he morning of the retreat.

They looked lovely all together. Brilliant idea Jill. What a lovely treat to find in your room.

One of the workshops, Angie was teaching this one.

One of Anita's marvelous make and Take sessions

I pinched this photo from Jill, everyone in front of the Band Stand.

 Me outside the hotel with the deer! It was lovely weather.

 Linda also outside the hotel

Linda teaching at a make and take session

 Me teaching the Cricut make and take session

All together by the pier (another of Jill's photos)

Crazy picture on the pier on Friday night! 

Back with more later.
Thanks for taking a look.


  1. Oh dear....did i really look that gormless?? :( ( I put it down to being absolutely knackered lol)

    It really was a fab weekend wasn't it, roll on the next one!..xxx

  2. Great photos Lynn.
    Dont't remember you taking the one outside?

  3. It does look like a fantastic retreat. Saw the bucket of sweets on UKS and thought that was a lovely idea. The 'teamie' that I know had a wonderful time with you.

  4. Great photos Lynn, must see if the bandstand shot is one Jill sent us as I can see me in that one lol.

  5. Yes it is Sarah, I was not able to stay on the Sunday, so I'm not in it!

  6. Linda it was taken at the same time as the deer photos, the rest of them must be on your camera as I only have these two.

  7. Anita you look lovely, you are such a good teacher. I learnt a lot just being there helping with the your make and takes when I wasn't actually teaching myself. Everything you made was fab.

  8. Thanks Kim, you must come along next time. Would be good to meet IRL.

  9. It was a fab weekend - fingers crossed for one next year. Sadly I didn't get a chance to do any of your make and takes.

    Great photos and the sweets in buckets were a really lovely touch and then to find that the sweeties were all seaside themed too - luverly!!


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