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Sunday, 26 September 2010


Mystic is a European Eagle Owl, and this picture was painted by my father (Robert Banks) a few years ago now. It is his birthday on Friday and so I was looking for inspiration for a card to make for him when I found this photo. I have a framed print on my dining room wall. I remember him spending time at Chilham Castle taking photos for this painting.

The painting was made into limited edition prints, with kind permission of the Raptor Centre, Chilham Castle Kent.
 I will take some more photos of his artwork, this made me realise how few photos I have taken of all the painting he has created over the years. If you are interested in a print of Mystic, he does have a few left, just drop me an email.


  1. wow so lifelike I had to look twice :)

  2. Beautiful artwork, so realistic x

  3. Gosh Lynn, that is stunning! What a talented man your dad is.....that is truly beautiufl..xxx

  4. That is incredible Lynn. So talent runs in the family then. So beautiful.


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