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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Shingle Street

What a beautiful day! After all the bad weather we have been experiencing, it was a lovely warm day. We drove over to Shingle Street for a stroll along the sea front at this fascinating place. The small coastal hamlet of Shingle Street is in Suffolk, at the mouth of Orford Ness, between Orford and Bawdsey.  It is a wild, unique, desolate but magical place.  The notice boards declare the area as a "special place" which is also formally designated an SSSI - Sight of Special Scientific Interest - because of the rare flora that survives this wind-swept area of beach.

Shingle Street was originally a home for fishermen and river pilots for the River Ore. Early in the 19th century a Martello tower was built, and was later home for coastguards. Many of the original buildings date from this period, also several buildings were destroyed during WWII, including the Lifeboat Inn, the hamlet's only pub.

This site tells of a 1940 war time secret to be revealed in 2021, there are allegations that a German raiding force was burned to death at Shingle Street.

This single line of white shells in the shingle stretches from the flagpole at the coastguards cottages out to the shore line. I took lots of photos but have taken these words from the website.

You can read more about this HERE.

It starts here - near the coastguards cottages
It diverts round any obstacles!
Close up of single line of white shells
Thanks for looking.

Lynn x


  1. What a lovely looking little place Lynn and a fascinating story about it....hope you are going to scrap it? xx

  2. Wow what an interesting place! I would like to go there one day ad the story about the shell line is very touching.


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