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Monday, 1 June 2015

Counting Sheep (2)

... Continuing on with our trip to London on 29th May to follow the Trails and find the Shaun in the City Sculptures.

Having completed THE BITZER'S 5km trail, we set off for SHIRLEY'S TRAIL which was considered easier and covered 3km. This trail was through the oldest part of the city visiting some arts and heritage landmarks. The last sheep on the previous trail was near to the last sheep on the next one so we decided to do Shirley's Trail in reverse.

The first sheep on this round up was 'COUNTING SHEEP' (31), inside the Silk Street entrance to The Barbican Centre. The designer is Gerald Scarfe and the sponsor is Amazon Prime Instant Video. 

Counting Sheep
'THE GUARDIAN' (30), was nearby at Guildhall, Aldermanbury. This shaun was designed by Vivi Cuevas and sponsored by TLT.

The Guardian
'WOOLLY WIGGLE' (29) and 'FINE AND GANDY' (28) were both located at One New Change. The map advised they were at the lower level and the passage respectively. We couldn't find them so put the APP on to find they had both been moved up onto the roof terrace. This gave us amazing views of the city, especially St. Paul's Cathedral.

'WOOLY WIGGLE' (29) was designed by Zandra Rhodes and sponsored by One New Change.

Woolly Wiggle
'FINE AND GANDY' (28) was designed by David Gandy and sponsored by One New Change.

Fine & Dandy
There were many sheep in the range of St. Paul's Cathedral, and the sun came out as we sat in Festival Gardens. Here we found 'A CAPITAL VIEW' (27). The sponsor is Friend's Life.

A Capital View
On to the next garden by St. Paul's - The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Gardens, where 'THE CHELSEA PEN-SHAUN-ER (26) is based. This Shaun was designed in honour of the Chelsea Pensioners and sponsored by Shaun in the City. 

Chelsea Pen-shaun-er
We had to toss up what to do next as we could see we would need to walk past two sheep at some point to get to another three. So we went first to 'SHEEP SHAPE AND BRISTOL FASHION' (21) located at Peter's Hill. Designed by Gavin Strange and sponsored by Visit Bristol.

Sheep Shape & Bristol Fashion
Very close was 'OUT OF THIS WORLD' (22) situated at The City of London Information Centre. Designed by Josh and Aimee Williams and sponsored by Visit the City.

Out of this World
The Information Centre also had a smaller sheep on the counter - LARRY the LAMB.

Larry the Lamb
Then onto St. Paul's Cathedral Churchyard to find 'BAA-ROQUE' (23). Designed by Sadie Butler and sponsered by Burges Salmon LLP

At nearby Temple Bar we found 'LITERARY LAMB' (24), designed by P J Cook ans sponsored by Portland Brown Ltd.

Literary Lamb
Paternoster Square is home to 'HAMISH' (25). This was designed by Ros Franklin and sponsored by Walker's Shortbread Ltd.

From Hamish we back tracked past the information Centre and walked across the Millennium Bridge. This foot bridge across The Thames links St. Paul's Cathedral with the Tate Modern,

Millennium Bridge from the South
As we approached the south bank we could see two Shauns, on on either side of the bridge. We were expecting to see 'BR-EWE-NEL' (19) to the right, but the APP had informed us that 'TO SHEEP PERCHANCE TO DREAM' (20) had been removed due to damage. We had been given the code already as it was not possible to find. However there was a very blue sheep in front of The Globe where the original had been.

View from Millennium Bridge
First we went along to look at 'BR-EWE-NEL' (19), outside the Tate Modern, Bankside. He was both designed and sponsored by Brunel University.

Then we went to The Globe to see what the blue sheep was all about. A plain blue Shaun was in place of the damaged 'TO SHEEP PERCHANCE TO DREAM' (20). This was designed by One Red Shoe and sponsored by UK2.net. This rounded up the 13 sheep in 'SHIRLEY'S TRAIL'.

To Sheep Perchance to Dream
By now the rain was falling again and we needed a rest and something to eat before Catherine caught the train from Waterloo for Richmond. At Waterloo we just had time to take in another Shaun, this time from 'TIMMY'S TRAIL'. This was another 3km trail marked 'easy'. 

At The London Eye we found 'EWE-NION-JACK' (12), Sponsored by Big Bus London and designed by Laura Cramer.

I set off on my own along The Queen's Walk for a while as by now it was rush hour and I decided to wait and get the train home later. Shame Catherine missed the Pink bus!

Once I found the British Film Institute, on Belvedere Road, I went up to the reception and found 'FRIDA BAA-HLO' (13). this was designed by Ruth Broadway and sponsored by Target Media.

Frida Baa-hlo
I then went back over the river via Waterloo Bridge to the Victoria Embankment, and right beside Somerset House, on the River Terrace was 'PINKY PLUM' (14). Designed by Roksanda Ilinic and sponsored by Coutts.

Pinky Plum
The sun was out and it was a lovely evening, I strolled on through Covent Garden, even though the shauns had been moved from there, and on to St. Martin's Courtyard in Slingsby Place. This Shaun 'FLASH' (17) was designed by Chris Haughton and sponsored by Stage Electrics. Photo from St. Martins Courtyard.

The final Shaun of the day was in Earlham Street - 'PARADISE BUNCH' (18), designed and sponsored by Cath Kidston. Photo from Flickr.

Paradise Bunch

That completed Timmy's Trail, It was time to come home, The only ones I didn't get to find were the 11 on Shaun's Trail and the Farmer's Lost Sheep who were scattered at Paddington, Canary Wharf and St. James' Park. However 34 out of 50 is not bad for one day! Would like to see them all when they come to Covent Garden in September, or maybe venture to Bristol, to find another 70 lost sheep.
Plenty of photos for the Scrapbooking - watch this space!

Thanks for looking
Lynn x

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  1. It was fun to do Shaun hunting, Emily and I enjoyed our day on the 24th finding them. We found 27, would of loved to have seen more.......might have to go back in September then if they're going to be back.


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