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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Spray Stain from Distress Stains - Tutorial

Ever thought it would be good to be able to spray with your stains? Especially when you only need a small amount of spray stain.

That's what I have been doing using tiny spray bottles and some careful decanting of a few milliliters of Distress Stain as I needed each colour.

What you need:
* Some small spray bottles - the sort you use for travelling.
   I purchased some which hold just 5ml which is plenty.
* Printed charts of the Distress Stain colours downloaded from the Ranger.
* Rubber golves (optional)
* Kitchen roll and / or baby wipes
* Wipe clean surface
* Clear sticky tape
* White self-adhesive spot labels
* Scissors
* Small shape punch
* Small plastic beads

Choose the colour stain you want to be able to spray.

Select the appropriate colours, from the colour chart and using the window on the under-side of the punch make sure you punch out the colour needed including all the wording.

 Using clear tape sitck the punched shape to the tiny spray bottle.

To enable you to identify the colour from the top of the bottle. Add a self -adhesive spot sticker to the top of the lid of the spray bottle. Use white where possible to give a clear indication of the shade of the stain.

Give the bottle a good shake, remove the lid and dab colour onto the label.

 Using some old scissors gently prize the stopper from the stain - just lift it slightly - not all the way otherwise the stain may splash and make a mess where it's not wanted...

 ... then gently remove the stopper all the way from the bottle with your gloved hand. Set aside on some kitchen paper

Now with the two bottles close together, slowly pour a few mililitres of stain into the new bottle to about 1cm from the top...

... leaving room for the tube as this will displace some of the stain. (Pop in a small plastic bead here for the pigment stains.)

Replace the spray mechanism and the lid onto the spray bottle

Replace the stopper and lid onto the stain bottle.

Now you have a stain and a spray stain.

Here are a selection of those I have already made up to use.

Have fun!

Thanks for looking
Lynn x

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