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Monday, 11 July 2016

Pigs Gone Wild - Part 1

We have herded elephants and round up sheep in London, hunted wolves in Bury St. Edmund's and  now we are are having a snout around Ipswich in search of Pigs Gone Wild. There is an app for the phone and you can download a map or pick one up from various places in the town. All is in aid of St. Elizabeth's hospice.

There are a total of 69 pigs to find in this interactive art sculpture trail. 39 adult pigs have been decorated by artists and sponsored by local businesses, they will be auctioned in September. The remaining 30 are smaller (junior) pigs and are grouped in litters around the town. The latter have been decorated by schools, community groups and local organisations as part of the 2016 Pigs Gone Wild education project.

We made a start on Friday and plan to return later in the month. Setting off from the Waterfront these are the pigs we found:

Hamlet of Ipswich (26) was outside the Cult Café.

A junior - Splatter Pig (66) was inside the café.

Then towards Neptune Marina we found the colourful Piñata Piggy (38).

Continuing along the waterfront to find Ed Sheer-Ham (4) set back at the University Campus Suffolk.

Further west along by Wherry Quay and Common Quay we found Pig n Mix (12) ...

... close to Ipswich Blue (11).

Nearby we discovered Little Sew Sow (21) at Briarbank ... 

... and To Bee A Pig (32) out side the Fore Street Baths.

Heading north the next pig to find was Pepper Pig (7) in the East of England Co-op, Education Centre.

Sir Bradley Piggins (14) is the pig at Cotswold Outdoor.

Then three juniors and a big pig in the Central Library
The small pigs were in a glass case in the library entrance, so difficult to photograph.

Blotty Dotty (59)

Sporky (58)

and Matthew (60)

Boarba Fett (18) was inside the library.

Back round to St. Lawrence Church to find Hedgepig (17) waiting outside.

Tally-Ho Trotters (10) was inside St. Mary Le Tower.

A short walk to La Tour Cycle Café for two Junior pigs, Mr Hog (45) ...

... and Piggy Stardust (46).

Further west to the Crown Pools and three little piggies (juniors) in the glass display high up on the outside of the building, so difficult to photograph. Here are all three Piggy In The Meadow (50), Katie The Rainbow Pig (51) and Pig In Camp Blanket (52).

Outsied the pool Spider Pig (19) can be found.

Across the main road to the Bust Station and A Pig's Got To Travel (13) can be found watching the traffic. 

From the bus station straight into Sailmakers Shopping Centre to find a total of five junior pigs.

On it's own at the Ipswich Building Society was Bridget (57).

Four together - Jimmy (53), Union Jack Pig (54),  Jack's Beanstalk (55) and London Skyline (56).

Also in Sailmakers a final big pig - Major Tim Pig (9) before calling it a day!

We will be back to look for more - 29 out of 69 found so far.

Thanks for looking.
Lynn x


  1. These are brilliant Lynn, when does it end?

  2. They are soooo piggin' cute! xx


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