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Friday, 29 July 2016

Pigs Gone Wild - Part 2

Back to following the Pig Trail we started a couple of weeks ago in Ipswich. We were travelling to Suffolk and decided to divert to Ipswich on route to Rendlesham to take in some of the pigs that were on the outskirts of the town. Our first stop was Jimmy's Farm, somewhere we have been meaning to visit for some time. It was a lovely day to explore and we also managed to stop in time for a delicious lunch.
Near to the Restaurant we found Foodie Pig (15)

From the farm we drove towards Nacton in search of Holywells Park.

In the reception was the glittery Stymante (23)

and just across the courtyard in the stables were three more of the junior pigs:

Pigasus (47), ...

Hamlette (48) & ...

... Mudlet (49)

A little further along th Nacton Road we found another junior pig in the window of the Ipswich Building Society (Ravenswood). 

Pocket Pig (67)

The other area we decided to explore today was Christchurch Park.

We found two pigs close together on the east side of the park.

Captain Pigwash (30)

and another junior pig Digby (64) inside the Reg Driver's Centre.

Over to the west of the park we discovered our final pig for today - The Ham-inator (20)

38 out of 69 found so far.
Thanks for looking and we will be back with more,
All is in aid of St. Elizabeth's hospice.
We hope to complete the trail with our next visit.

Lynn x

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  1. These are amazing Lynn, so bright and funky.....what fun looking out for them xx


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