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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Touring Scotland with the EV - Day 2

Day 2 (Monday, 3rd October)

We planned two nights in Burniston as we wanted to have a whole day to explore Scarborough and surrounding areas. We took many photos but promise not to share them all here! It was a lovely sunny day and we set off to find South Bay first of all.

South Bay
South Bay
Looking down from the town
North Bay
North Bay
Beach Huts - North Bay
These colourful, well maintained beach huts run half of the length of the North Bay, the few that were in use looked amazing inside.

We went on to Whitby and had a good time walking around the shops, harbour and cafes.

We still had a little time so decided to go and have a look at Robin Hood's Bay. You need to park at the top of the hill and walk down a long, winding, very steep hill to the bay at the bottom. A fascinating village. Here are just a few photos taken as I walked down the hill. 
Looking down from the top

From the beach 
A great day out all round. 
Back with our stop over in Northumberland next.
Thanks for looking
Lynn x

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