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Friday, 21 October 2016

Touring Scotland with the EV - Day 7

Day 7 (Saturday, 8th October)

From Loch Ness we headed west towards The Isle of Skye where we had booked a self catering cottage at Ord for the next week. 

The total journey for the day was about 85 miles and with a fully charged car we knew we had no problem, but hoped to top the car up at Shiel Bridge near Loch Duich and not far from the Skye Bridge. However this charge point was not working, so we pressed on knowing there was another on Skye at Broadford. This charge point had not been connected to the system yet so we did some food shopping and drove on to our accommodation, where we had arranged with the owner to be able to charge the car. 

MacGregor Cottage, Ord was to be our home for the week. Such a remote and peaceful place to spend a week. Sheep and cows are everywhere on the grassy/rocky hillocks and there are some amazing views surrounding the cottage and beyond. The cottage  has a Scandinavian feel inside as it is wood lined throughout with it's open-plan living area. Follow the link to see photos of the inside.

in the back garden

on the path out of the village

It was great to know we had a week at one base and not to need to get up early to move on.
Thanks for looking
Lynn x

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