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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Wedding Invitations

Phew! The invitations are complete and sent out! Emily and I have had fun designing and creating them over the last few months. There has been much cutting, scoring, embossing, sticking, printing, die cutting and ribbon tying in this house.

This shows the front, back and inside, with the little pocket for the details of accommodation, RSVP with envelope, gifts & photography sharing. 

The front of the invitation looks like this ...

... and the back like this ...

I designed the invitation based on Emily's ideas and with her choice of colours (Avocado and Buttercream Bazzill Cardstock). I worked out the dimensions and so we could both cut and score easily, I made some simple drawings showing where to cut, fold etc.

Emily worked hard on all the typesetting for the inserts.

I made all the initials and the shadows for these using the Cricut.

Then once everything was printed and cut out, all the labels for the enveloped had been printed, we set up a production line. I might add at that at around this point Emily got a new job in Nottingham and so had to leave me to finish the job off. So the finer points of typesetting detail was finished off long distance, via internet and phone calls!

And now we have moved onto other plans and await the replies.

Thanks for looking
Lynn x

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