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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Is it Really 27th June!?!?!

I have not long been home and was preparing to go out again, after a bit of blogging! Sitting in the loft extension which has a flat roof and wondering what all the loud banging was on the roof! Looked out of the window to see very large (marble size) hail stones crashing to the ground! The grass was quickly covered in what looked like snow! I don't think I have ever seen weather like it! This kept going for some time.

Photos show 1. A hand full of fast melting hailstones. 2. The leaves were smashed off the trees. 3. Front garden & stream of water running down the hill. 4. Back garden. 5. & 6. Shenstone Park.

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  1. Yes, it was really scary!(we are a few miles away) I heard that there was some flooding along London Road and Bourne Road. I grew up in Crayford and well remember the flooding of 1968 - but that happened slowly. This was altogether different on Saturday!


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