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Monday, 13 July 2009

Danson Festival 2009

We all went to Danson Festival on Sunday 5th July, Alan was helping on the Erith Yacht Club Stand, Emily was with her Archery Club, Andrew and Sinade were with Bexley Fencing Club and Catherine had two jobs to do.

First of all she did three dances with the Liz Burville Performance Team on the Dance Stage, then she danced one of her AS pieces with another girl, Lauren from Trinity School on the Community stage. I was still having trouble with my tooth ache but managed to stay until the dances were finished before I had to go home.

The first two photos are the Charleston dance with Liz. I missed 'We will rock you' they started early as another team didn't show up! Then Alan used the camera to take video of the 'Music' dance, but we do have a lot of photos of Catherien doing that dance as it has been used many times in over a year. The second two are Catherine and Laura in the Community Tent.

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