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Friday, 31 July 2009


I made this LO a few days ago, then went back to work and have had so little time to get it scanned and into place with the others in my Hollywood Album. I wanted to preserve all the little bits and pieces we brought back with us and I tried to capture the magic feeling of being part of the opening celebrations of Dance Excellence 2009. Well I don't think it's possible really, you had to be there, but I have had a good try. The theme for the week was 'Open your hearts. Open your minds', and each morning there was a little message slipped under the door or our room. These are all in the pocket behind the bottom right photo, together with my ID pass.

The photos show the dancers in the our Team representing Kent, England at the top. The middle photo shows the sea of dancer's legs in the grand ballroom after the opening celebrations, where they took part in a massive class all together. Just Amazing how they managed to get so many dancers from all over the world to work together so well, in a very short space of time! It was difficult to capture on camera. The third photo shows the welcoming talk.

With the dominance of red and purple together with lots of other colours, I went for Basic Grey Fusion papers for this LO.

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