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Monday, 6 July 2009

Face Ache!

I have been having severe pain in my jaw since having a tooth removed after failed root canal treatment, seven weeks ago. The dentist said everything was healing and there was nothing wrong. He said to keep taking the pain relief. I was going to work and then to bed managing little else.

They still said there was nothing wrong at the hospital after an X-ray and consultation last week and gave me antibiotics, anti inflammatory medications and stronger pain relief.

Since seeing the doctor at the hospital last week and using the pain killers, the pain got more frequent and far worse. I have not been able to sleep and in the end Alan took me to A & E last night where I saw a doctor who said that the problem I described was 'Trigeminal Neuralga' (TN) and pain killing tablets were not going to help at all. So I have been started on some medication that would normally be used for epilepsy to stop the nerve problem, but I have to build this up slowly to find the right dose, so I am at the point now where I am pain free for about three hours three times a day!

I went back to the max fax team today and they are referring me to the specialist, who I saw years ago for my Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). I see him on Thursday.

I can't work as I can't drive and I'm still in a lot of pain or drowsy. I have to find the right level of this medication and then wait until I am taking it without the side effects, so in the mean time I am trying to catch up on some sleep. I also need surgery to deal with a piece of bone protruding through my gum near the socket, which is pretty sore but the least of my worries at the moment. For someone who rarely takes medication - you should see my pile of drugs! At least now I can get rid of most of them and just take the one!

Sorry this is a bit of a negative post, hopefully better news tomorrow!

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