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Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Decade!!

Day 32 JYC - Happy 2010

I'm not one for new year resolutions. But as usual I need to loose weight!! A new year does make me want to clear up and sort things out. Well I already started with the craft stash by sorting my blossoms a few months ago and made a start on the ribbons last week. I would love to take down the decorations and restore the house to normal, but won't do it today as I'm 'on call'. I can just imagine getting everything half done and having to go out, then not having time to get back to it. I will play safe and save it for another day. I'm sure I will have the tree down and the decorations neatly stored away before 12th night, knowing me!

My first photo to show you for the new year is a picture of this fantastic calendar made for me by Anita.

I have hung it on my new, not quite finished notice board. I wanted to make a very large notice board for special treasures, letters, bits of art work etc. The plan was for it to fit in my hall way in an area where I have taken some old pictures away recently. I bought a 100 x 150cm canvas from Hobbycraft and painted it magnolia. The I used 24 metres of brown gingham ribbon and nearly 100 brads! I will be inking the edges and finishing off securing the ribbons with more brads when I can get some more. Have a selection of goodies to display on it and will post another photo when finished.

My page from New Year's Day 2008:


  1. Happy New year Lynn Hun.....I totally know what you mean about wanting to take the decs down and start fresh, I am hoping to have a go at that tomorrow....but for today I have actually sat and crafted ( shock horror lol)

  2. Meant tosay, glad you liked your wee calendar Lynn, love th look of your new noticeboard too..xx

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR LYNN! :) Good Luck with the organising. (Thanks for the comments on my blog - yes my 52 Walks photos will be on my 365 photos blog)


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