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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Photography Challenge 2011 A to Z

Last year some of us enjoyed a year long challenge - 52 walks in 2010, aimed at getting us out and about with our cameras. I enjoyed that challenge, and it was a great way to explore new and old places every week and make better use of m camera.

For 2011 I've joined a new fortnightly challenge. The challenge is based over at Flickr. Feel free to join in by posting to Flickr, or if you prefer, you can do what some UKS members did last year, joined in with the challenge but posted photos to their blogs, and updated on the UKS thread.

Anyway, The new challenge on Flickr is here:
This challenge is called A-Z Challenge, and can be found here on UKScrappers.
The idea behind this group is to get out and about with your camera taking photos.
There will be a new letter of the alphabet for every fortnight. So every two weeks we take photos of people, places, things, or even techniques, starting with that letter.

I have chosen 'A is for Alphabet' for the first two weeks.
Alphabetti Spaghetti

Alphabet stickers

 Dictionary definition of the word Alphabet

Alphabet on the Keyboard 

Alphabet Cartridges for the Cricut 

Alphabet stamps 

Alphabet dies 


  1. Loving the spaghetti alphas Lynn LOL. I am looking forward to following yours and Linda's A-Z :).xxxx

  2. Great photos and idea Lynn.
    Could make a great album x

  3. Another interesting challenge Lynn. One takes for granted the alphabets that are out there, doesn't one? Again a different aspect for you to scrap! xx

  4. The alphabet spaghetti is a great idea.


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