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Saturday 22 January 2011

Sunrise at Buckingham Palace

A to Z Challenge 2011 - 'B' is for Buckingham Palace.

As I was travelling to the Park Lane Hotel for a course this week I decided to arrive a little early one day and took a walk across Green Park to photograph Buckingham Palace for the challenge. It was very cold and frosty and just getting light as I arrived. I think these look good as sepia prints too.

From Green Park

The view from Buckingham Palace towards Westminster - you can just see Big Ben in the distance.

2011 Log: Alphabet, Buckingham Palace,


  1. Great set of photos - good to see Buck House without the hoards of tourists that our normally there.

  2. Great pictures Lynn, very moody.
    Could have been from the archives if not for the modern car.

  3. Fabulous shots Lynn, really striking and look amazing in sepia tone..xxxx

  4. Lovely photos- they do look great in Sepia.

    I can't wait to visit London again- roll on May!

  5. What a lovely set of pics Lynn. Sounds like a very posh course and what time did it start if you saw sunrise over Buck Pal? I agree very moody and would make a smashing layout. x

  6. They look like they are from a film! Lovely xx

  7. I especially like the photo of the light amongst the trees, almost Narnia-ish.

  8. Hi Lynn! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Yes I was the cricut winner at Jill's retreat. Looking forward to this year's too!! I love these photos of Buckingham Palace. They look stunning in sepia!


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