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Friday, 7 August 2009

New Found Family

This post is for my new found distant cousin Heather (photo below). I have been using Genes Reunited for about 9 months and it has helped me trace my roots well back in time, then a few weeks a go I was contacted by Heather. We worked out quickly that we are both descended from the Ephgrave family. My paternal grandmother Margaret (photo above) was an 'Ephgrave' before she married my grandfather and became a 'Banks'. I also have a photograph of my great grandfather Robert Ephgrave somewhere, which I can add to this post later.

Heather sent me this photo of herself, we now chat on face book, via email and the Genes Reunited site. Heather is also very crafty and makes costumes. She has been busy making up costumes for the Notting Hill Carnival. I hope to show off the lovely things she has made once she gets permission for me to share the photos.

On the subject of family photos, I have been busy rummaging for old and new photo frames suitable for photos of both Alan's and my ancestors. I now have quite a collection and need to work out the best arrangement for hanging the them all. Again I will upload a photo when they are all finished and hung on the walls in my mini gallery!!

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