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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Theatre in the Forest - A Winter's Tale

We got to The Theatre In The Forest last night to see The Winter's Tale, and we were not disappointed, we all agreed this play was even better than last years. The weather stayed dry despite a wet day the day before. We had a great evening and were very well entertained.

We took our picnic, tickets and information, and we were dropped off ....

... well into the depths of the forest, to this clearing, for picnics and a theatre.

We purchased our programme, from one of the actors. One of the lovely things is that the actors greet you in the car park, and front of house.

People chose where they wanted to sit and started on their picnics.

The scene was set, and looked good fun.

The play started, plenty of humour, and clever improvisation with props. The actors themselves playing several parts each, all singing, acting and playing instruments for the music. There were several brilliant puppets used to great effect too.
The costumes were brilliant, and everyone had Converse to match their outfits!

There was even a bear! (sorry about the photo, but if you blinked you missed it all together!).

Do you remember the story in the national press about a bear being found in a forest in Suffolk on 1st April? Well this lot were responsible for that!

The main prop, this versatile little hut / caravan thing on wheels was reversed depending on which kingdom we were in at the time!

Half time and we had a nice hot chocolate as we were beginning to feel a bit chilly. (sorry this photos rather dark.) Then back to our seats with our picnic blankets to watch the second half ...

... until well after dark, when our carriage returned to take us home!

I hope we get to Suffolk next August to see the next play. Well worth a visit if you are in these parts during August. Well all that remains is for me to scrap this event as well as last years.

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