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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Party Animals!

Some time ago I posted about buying some lovely children's quilt fabric from Quilter's Haven.
Today I finally made some cards with that fabric. Children's birthday cards ready for the next few kid's birthdays in our family.
One for Jessica:

One for Hannah:
One for Lucy:
... and one for Oliver:
Here's how I went about it:
Gather the fabric pieces, an 8x8" card (Craftwork Cards), bondaweb, iron, and a sewing machine, with black thread. I made a template for the size I wanted to the finished squares and another for the bondaweb size.

Cut out the square design and iron.
Cut a square of Bondaweb, using the template, this will be slightly samaller than the fabric square.
Iron bondaweb into position on the back of the fabric square.

In pencil mark desired finished size using template, on back of fabric.

Trim design and bondaweb to finished size along pencil lines.

Remove backing paper from Bondaweb.

Iron design onto the front of a 8"x8" card.

Using a zig-zag stitch and black thread, machine stitch around all four sides of the design.

Take the top threads back through to the back of the card with a needle.

Tie ends in a knot at the back.
Return to the front of the card and add a greeting or name with letter stickers. I used Doodlebug Designs here.
Picking colours from the design, take the itinial letter (American Crafts, Thickers) of the animal and the child and mount on a small piece of card. Ink the edges.

Mountthis one a second piece of coloured card slightly bigger than the first and ink the edges again.

Then add to a piece of black card slightly bigger again. Add detail to match the pattern on the design in white gel pen. Add to the card with 3D foam pads.

Add smaller lettering with provo craft letter stickers.

For the first card I cut the greeting with QuicKutz Moxi alphabet.


  1. These are lovely, Lynn. Such a clever idea. I have some animal fabric and may copy this idea if its OK with you.

  2. Thanks and You are most welcome to use the idea Jill. Making some bigger ones today with flower fiaries.

  3. Missed this post, they are really lovely.
    Will have to get some bondaweb and play with mine too.


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