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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Chinese Theatre

Here is a double scrapbook page I have worked on this week. knew I wanted to use Basic Grey Ambrosia papers right from the start, but when I went to my stash I found I did not have two sheets the same and one of the patterned pieces was a bit smaller than I intended to use. However I worked my way around it and took photos at each step of the way, so thought I would share how I got to the finished result with you all.

1. I had a Basic Grey (BG) page map I really liked stored for a DLO (double Lay Out), this was perfect for the number and orientation of photos I intended to use. However I did not have enough sheets of BG Ambrosia 'Clementine' for a DLO, so I got two sheets of plain white 12" x 12" paper (the type you find inside the protective sleeves in a scrapbooking album. I used these as a base, then cut the one sheet of 'Clementine' into four strips 12" x 3".

2. I inked the edges of all four strips with black chalk ink and stuck to the top and bottom of both sheet of white card.

3. Taking one sheet of 'Entice' cut in half to make two pieces 12" x 6", ink as before and stick between the orange pieces. Take the 'Tangy' paper (again I only had a small amount left, but at least it was 12" long). Using the Stamin' Up scalloped punch make two strips 12" x 1/2".

4. Stick the 'Tangy' strips to the bottom of the 'Entice' panel.

5. I wanted to cut the big circle from 'Chutney' but only had a piece 12" x 10" but noticed the top of the circle would be covered by the journalling strip so cut a circle using a dinner plate approx. 11" in diameter, with the top bit missing! This was also inked with black and stuck into place on the LHS (Left Hand Side) of the LO (Lay Out).

6. The journalling strip was cut from a piece of 'Citrus' cut 6" wide and torn off at about 9". This was inked and stuck down to the LHS as shown.

7. Now for the photos, I used four pictures 6" x 4". TheyAdd Image were all inked. The first was stuck down 2 1/2" from the top and 5 3/4" in from the right on the LHS of the LO. Then the second was butted up close to the right of the first, it overlaps the right side of the page.

8. The second photo was cut along the edge of the first page with a craft knife and ruler, so that it would continue onto the RHS of the LO. Line the photo up so it continues across the two pages.

9. Working on the RHS of the LO, add the last two photos, butting the third against the second and so on.

10. Now for the title and a little trick I have worked out for using letter stickers to ensure they end up in the right place first time without ruining your papers! It also ensures the spacing is correct to fit in the place you want to use them. I use a piece of acetate cut to the shape I want the letters to be placed in, here I wanted them in a straight line, but this works well for a circle or any other shape. Choose the letter stickers and place them on the very edge of the acetate, with just a tiny amount of the bottom of the letters on the acetate. arrange the letters for the word or whole title depending on you chosen arrangement. Here I just needed one word at a time.

11. Now transfer the acetate and word to the LO and place in desired position, when happy stick the top of the letters down.
Then slip the acetate out of the way and stick down the bottom of the letters. The other word which was actually the first word was added later in he same way, curling the first letters of each word around one another.

12. For the flowers I used a template from the Technique Tuesday - Fundamentals of Flowers tiles set. I cut flowers from scraps of Citrus', 'Rind' and 'Zest'. These were all inked and curled with scissors. On the LHS I used half a flower in two colours, and attached to the left of the 'Citrus' Journalling panel. On the RHS the whole of two flowers was used at the bottom of the LO. The centres of both flowers was created using gold seals purchased in Jilly's (Cardinal Colours) sale. All that remains is to add the Journalling on the 'Citrus' panel next to the first photograph.

My finished LO shows four photographs of Grauman's Chinese Theatre - A movie theatre on Hollywood's walk of fame. Opened in 1929. It has since been home to may premieres, parties and Academy Awards. Four million visitors come annually to see the stars' hand and footprints in the concrete blocks in the forecourt. The theatre is 90' high with magnificent coral pillars topped with iron masks. A 30' dragon carved from stone stands between the pillars.


  1. Wow, this looks great.

    I used this page map for Lianne's 18th and was really pleased with the results.


  2. It is a very useful sketch.

    Lynn x


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