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Monday, 24 May 2010

Greenwich Royal Park

52 Walks with my camera 2010 - Week 20

My birthday was a lovely sunny day and my daughters and their friends are 'into' birthday picnics, so they wanted to take me for a picnic in Greenwich Royal Park.  So armed with lunch, a blanket and cameras we set off. We parked at Blackheath and walked through the park, and admired the view over London from the top. The we strolled down through the park to the village. We had a walk around there, before trekking the hill back up to the top again to have our lunch, and sat in the sun reading for a while.

The next three photos show The Royal Observatory at the top of the hill in the park.

The next three photos show the view from the top of the hill over The Thames and London.

Walking along King William Way, just outside the park we saw this sculpture through the railings of a building called Devonport Court.

 As we stood and looked an American lady let herself in through the gates and asked if we would like to come inside and see mores closely. She asked if we knew what it was, and we all thought it was some kind of fish.  She told us it was a chair or throne. and invited us to sit in it. The girls insisted I went first as it was my birthday!

It is a brass sculpture by Francois Hameury, Brittany.  Commissioned by the Cathedral Group plc. 2003. It is The Throne of Earthly Kings and is known as "The Seat of Knowledge".


The quote on the platform reads: "May all who sit here have the courage to be true to themselves. The world is a kingdom for those who search inside."


This is all you can see of the Cutty Sark at present as it undergoes repairs.

These dogs made everyone laugh, parking their van in the village!!

Log - 52 Walks with My Camera in 2010 so far:1. Bexleyheath, 2. Woodbridge River Front, 3. Hall Place, 4. Chislehurst, 5. Bluewater, 6. Theatre Land,7. Leeds, 8. Orford, 9. Snape, 10. Chatham,11. Nottingham, 12. Twickenham, 13. Woodbridge. 14. Red House. 15. Debden House. 16. RAF Bentwaters. 17 Friston and Saxmundham. 18. Ufford. 19. Wickham Market. 20. Greenwich Royal Park.


  1. Looks like you had a great time.
    I love the throne!
    Did you find the elephants? They are in the Market and at the Visitors Centre (3 in total)??
    Happy Birthday again :)

  2. We had a lovely day, thanks again. We didn't go to the market or the visitors centre! So no elephants for us.


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