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Thursday, 27 May 2010


52 Walks with my Camera 2010 - Week 21

The weather has been lovely all week and I planned to spend my day off at Felixstowe, and go for a walk with my camera. Sadly it was cold, overcast and started raining! I still did my walk and here are the photos.

I started at the top of the cliffs at the colourful beach huts.

Then went onto the Leisure centre and the pier area.

The place was deserted, no doubt it will busy very busy next week as it will be half term.

The pier.
The lights were on but no one at home.

On the beach.

As I drove away the sun came out!!!

Log - 52 Walks with My Camera in 2010 so far:1. Bexleyheath, 2. Woodbridge River Front, 3. Hall Place, 4. Chislehurst, 5. Bluewater, 6. Theatre Land,7. Leeds, 8. Orford, 9. Snape, 10. Chatham,11. Nottingham, 12. Twickenham, 13. Woodbridge. 14. Red House. 15. Debden House. 16. RAF Bentwaters. 17 Friston and Saxmundham. 18. Ufford. 19. Wickham Market. 20. Greenwich Royal Park. 21. Felixstowe.


  1. I love the beach huts and the photos of the sea. I can't wait to be by the coast again.

  2. I spent most of my childhood holidays in Felixstowe spending the summer months with my cousins running barefoot and free between their house in Holland Road and the beach.

    When older, my cousin and I worked the summer season waitressing at the Spa Pavilion. What is now the leisure centre car park used to be the rest of what once was a huge boating lake.

    Happy memories.


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