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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Stamping Trio

I was looking through some photos suitable for the papers I shall be using tonight at a crop, when I came across these. They were taken of our three children back in October 1995. The triplets were 3 years old at the time.

I had been out all day and the children had been at home with Alan. I came home to find they had had a brilliant day playing in the garden, but at some point had found some rubber stamps and green ink pad. Emily especially was covered in green snowman all over her face hands and jumper! Sorry there are quite a few photos to plough through here!


Catherine - surprisingly free of stamped images, so I do wonder who was decorating the other two!

Emily - not called 'Monkey' for nothing!

This little basket was ideal for carrying stamps and ink about the garden.

At the time we were having a loft extension, that accounts for all the builders tools and equipment about the place.

The quality of the photos is not brilliant as they have been scanned in from negatives.

If you got this far, thanks for looking, and maybe I will have a layout to show you tomorrow.


  1. Oh Lynn, How I remember them at that age, such cute little monkeys too.

    Bet you are missing them terribly. Hope they are all getting on well.

  2. Lynn these are such cute photos and an equally cute story to go with them. Look forward to seeing the layout.

  3. Awww how cute are they :)
    look forward to the LO.

  4. Some fabulous photos and lol at the story :) Looking forward to the layout :)

  5. What beautiful children. A such lovely photos too Lynn

  6. Oh Lynn, what wonderful, wonderful photos. They are sooo adorable, cheeky AND beautiful. Such precious pics and SUCH a fun story.xxxxxxx


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