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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Spring is in the air at last, it's mother's day tomorrow, the bulbs are pushing their way up through the soil. Such a busy time of year in our house as all three of my children will be 18 on 31st March, there is mother's day tomorrow and Easter in early April.

Even the cup cakes in Thornton's we had while out shopping today were spring flavoured, I chose this lemon one - Yum!

Linda came to stay last week and gave me this super extra large cup and saucer full of small daffodils. They were still buds when she arrived with them, but now they are flowering beautifully. Thanks Linda.

I was away for a few days last ween and when I returned Alan offered to go shopping for groceries. When he returned he gave me these flowers, and the plant shown below. I think I must go away more often!


  1. Beautiful flowers Lynn. The daffodils have come on leaps and bounds! Xx

  2. What gorgeous flowers Lynn and I love the daffs in the cup and saucer, soooo cute! That cup cake looks really yummy, I tried a strawberry one at work the other day, it was rather sickly though lol, lemon sounds a much safer bet.xx

  3. What lovely flowers Lynn, and the daffs in the cup are cute. The cup cake looks yummy I'll bet it tasted as good too. x


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