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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Chocolate Drop Cakes

Come and share a cup of tea and a cake with me all my blogging friends!

I spent some time baking cakes today as we have three 18th birthdays to celebrate on the same day next week. I have made a big chocolate cake and decorated it, then I made a big pink sponge cake, which still needs decorating. I need to go shopping again for more eggs before I can make the third cake.

I found a little book in the book case called '101 Chocolate Treats', my sister in law gave it to Andrew a few years ago, as he is keen on cooking puddings and sweets. It's a BBC Book, by Good Food Magazine.

I liked the look of the chocolate drop cakes and made a batch of these too. They are made with almonds and natural yogurt in the mixture. I made the chocolate frosting for the topping from the same book too.
Well they didn't last as long as they took to bake, so they can't be too bad. lol!


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