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Friday, 19 March 2010


52 Walks with My Camera - Twickenham - Week 12

Yet another university visit! Today I have traveled by train to Strawberry Hill and St. Mary University College, Twickenham with my daughter Catherine. She has an interview, workshop and audition so she will be here all day today. I planned to sit in the Internet cafe on campus and do some work. Then take a walk with my camera, and maybe a bus, walk or train somewhere for a bit of shopping. Catherine could easily have come here by herself, but it's nice that she still wants my company.

However it was a very grey day and it rained from mid morning onwards, so these pictures are the best I could do.

Sports facilities and accommodation in the distance (above and below).

The theatre on campus (below).

Catherine was lucky enough to be in the first group and so was free to go by 13.30. I had worked on some paperwork for work all morning, so we had some lunch and took these photos in the rain. Then caught the train back to London. We found a bus bound for Oxford Street and did some birthday present shopping. Was raining heavily by this time so we were glad to get the bus to Charing Cross and the train home again.

Log - 52 Walks with My Camera in 2010 so far:1. Bexleyheath, 2. Woodbridge, 3. Hall Place, 4. Chislehurst, 5. Bluewater, 6. Theatre Land,
7. Leeds, 8. Orford, 9. Snape, 10. Chatham,11. Nottingham, 12. Twickenham.


  1. This looks llike a nice campus Lynn and despite the weather you still got some lovely pics...xxx Anita xxxx

  2. Goodness Lynn you are really getting about. And what interesting places you have visited.

  3. Looks nice Lynn, did Catherine like this one?

  4. Catherine likes this one, the course is just right for her. ALso it's not too far away which she like - Just two train rides. She still has one more audition for Rose Bruford, Sidcup (very close), then she is finished, unless anywhere needs her to go back again. Sha also had an interview for a Saturday job in Bluewater yesterday.

  5. How did the interview go? X

  6. Looks like a great campus- this could be us in a couple of years.


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