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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Accordion Cards Part 2

Continuing on from yesterday, here are three more accordion cards, following the same basic pattern.

For the birthday card I used yellow chunky letter stickers by Making Memories, 12 Yellow and 18 green pastel eyelets also from Making Memories, yellow organza ribbon 1m x 3mm, green gingham paper, a 12”x12” sheet of yellow card and daisy stickers by Paper Bliss.

This card was made by cutting four separate panels and joining them together to form the accordion effect. The 4 pieces are 10 x 12cm and cut from the yellow card. To attach the four panels together I used a pencil to mark the eyelet positions 1 cm in from the sides, and at 2 cm intervals starting 2cm down from the top. Five holes are made down both sides of two panels, and five holes down the right side of one panel and the left side of the remaining panel.

I lined up the panels and divided ribbon into three equal lengths to lace the panels together through the eyelets much as you would a pair of shoes! I finished off with a bow at the top of each row of eyelets then trimmed the ends.

To decorate the first panel I cut green gingham to 10 x 8cm and 8 x 6cm, and yellow card to 9 x 7cm. I mounted these centrally one on top of the other then spelt out ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ with the letter stickers. I added a single daisy near the bottom of the panel.

I treated the third panel in a similar fashion cutting green paper to 10 x 7cm and 8 x 5cm, cut yellow card to 9 x 6cm. I spelt out the details of who the card was ‘TO’ and ‘FROM’ with the yellow stickers and placed a single daisy in one corner.

For the second and forth panels I cut green gingham paper to 9 x 7cm and 11.5 x 5.5cm and mounted them centrally onto the card panels, I stuck the two largest stickers centrally on top of these mounts.

 For the birthday girl card I used Poolside jigsaw lowercase alphabet, 18 lilac and purple eyelets and 2 lilac snaps, Heidi Simply Stated alphabet rub-ons all by Making Memories. I also used a selection of lilac and purple ribbons, a 12” x 12” sheet of lilac card, a 12” x 12” sheet of baby lilac hearts, Baby Boutique paper by Paper Adventures and a scrap of purple card. The paint used was white and lilac acrylic paint. The butterflies were from Lakeland (what a shame they don't sell craft products any more) :(
This card was also made by cutting four separate panels and joining them together to form the accordion effect. I cut four pieces 13 x 15cm from the lilac card. One piece of purple card 11.5 x 9.5 attached centrally to one piece of lilac card. Then four pieces 8.5 x 9.5cm from the patterned paper and mounted centrally on each piece of card.

I prepared the card letters by painting with lilac acrylic paint, then dry brushing each letter with white acrylic paint. Once dry, I decorated the letters by tying scraps of ribbon and fibre into bows or knots at random. The ‘G’ was attached to the centre of the piece of card with the double mount, then each of the other letters to the centre of the patterned paper.

I spelt out the word’ BIRTHDAY’ with the white Simply Stated Rub-ons on a scrap of purple card. Then trimmed the card close to the lettering and mounted this to one side of the ‘G’.
To attach eyelets and snaps I took the ‘I’ and ‘R’ and placed three eyelets down both sides, about 3cm apart and starting about 4cm down from the top. Repeating this on the right side of the ‘G’ and the left side of the ‘L’. On the left side of the ‘G’ and the right side of the ‘L’ I attached one snap 7cm down from the top.
 I lined up the letters in the correct order to spell ‘GIRL’ and with nine lengths of lilac ribbon (about 15cm long), set about joining the cards together through corresponding eyelets. Each length of ribbon was tied in a knot at the front, then trimmed.  Finally the tiny butterfly decorations were added to each panel.

Finally for the Garden Party invitation I used gold lettering peel-off stickers, glue dots, yellow gingham 12”x12” paper by Making Memories, 80cm Wired daisies ribbon and 3D Floral stickers from Rymans

I cut the gingham paper to measure 30x126cm, this was scored and folded in half lengthwise. Then I scored and folded again at 7.5cm intervals. This made the card stronger and gave pattern on both sides.  I cut eight lengths of five wired daisies, and arranged them in an arch shape at the top and bottom of each panel. They were stuck in place with glue dots. I used the gold lettering peel-offs to spell ‘GARDEN PARTY INVITATION’ on the first panel. Next I added all the details of the party to the third panel also using the gold peel-off sticker letters.  Finally I stuck the 3D flower basket to the second panel and the bouquet to the fourth panel.


  1. These cards are absolutely fab Lynn, I really like how you have joined them with eyelets and ribbons. So pretty..xxx

  2. What shall I show you this week?


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