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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Triplets go to Cornwall


I had a lovely package of photographs in the post from Heather (Mum of the triplets) today. They had a holiday in Cornwall and she sent me lots of pictures, here are just some of the favourites. Layouts to follow!

Lucy and Heather make daisy chains

Oliver's scary Crocs



They live in London so it is lovely for them to go to their grandparent's cottage by the sea with this big garden.


  1. They're growing up sooo fast! Lovely photos more bg lemonade on order ?

  2. You'll make some lovely layouts with these, Lynn, Its frightening how quickly children seem to grow.

  3. What wonderful pics Lynn, they are such dear little souls and look like they had a wonderful time. Can't wait to see the fabulous layouts you will make...xxx


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