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Friday, 18 June 2010

... And be Quick!!

After school yesterday my darling daughter (Catherine) asked me to make her four thank you cards for her 'A' Level subject teachers, head teacher and form teacher. She needed them for today.  I had loads to do and was out at our monthly crop last night too. She said she knew she should have asked me earlier but....!

The fairy for her form teacher

So it was out with the Cricut and my two new cartridges - 'Everyday Paper Dolls' and 'Dress Up Paper Dolls' (kindly given to me for my birthday by Jill and Linda - thanks so much girls x).  Catherine had already chosen which characters she wanted, and she had a rummage through my box of scraps and my box of blank cards and picked out the colours she liked for each card. Then we set to in a kind of conveyor belt mode, using two cutting mats. She trimmed card and stuck it onto the mats, I cut the images, and removed them from the mat while she prepared the next piece!

Super Hero for the drama teacher

Later in the evening I inked the pieces and stuck them together. I used peel offs for a very quick greeting. If I had had more time I would have chosen some patterned papers for the backgrounds and maybe layered the pieces for better effect. I did use a few gems on the fairy card. Never mind, she was pleased with the cards and will give them out at a special leavers dinner tonight. I cant believe my babies are leaving school, where did those 14 years go?

Graduation for her Head Teacher who has been a big support to her for seven years and also a big part of her drama studies. He often wears hes gown at presentations and big assemblies.

The Dancer for her dance teacher.

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