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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Theatre in the Forest- Romeo & Juliette

Last year was the first time we heard of the Red Rose Chain Film and Theatre Company. We were interested to hear more about the plays held in the open air during August in the Rendlesham Forest. We ordered tickets and headed for The Theatre in the Forest to see Romeo and Juliette. We had a lovely evening watching a very professional modern production of this old play. We thought was brilliant and planned to g again this year. Here ate a few pictures of last years event:

On 08.08.08 we headed off to the forest, this picture shows everyone finding a place to sit and have their picnics, before the play began.

The play has started.

....continuing on into the evening...

...finishing after dark.

Tonight we return for another play, the less well known 'The Winter's Tale'.... watch this space for my review tomorrow!


  1. Hi Lynn,

    Was it good? I loved going to the open air in Regents Park, have you been there?


  2. Hi Linda,

    Yes it was very good, thanks. We had another great evening, I have now added a post about The Winter's Tale.



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