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Wednesday 2 December 2009

Oh The Weather Outside...

Been such a busy week, working very long days Monday and Tuesday, and on call overnight both nights. Then trying really hard to finish on time today so I could get home in time to help Catherine and her friend prepare for tonight's production of Children of Eden. Alan drove us all to the school in time to watch the performance at 7pm. Here are some still photos taken from the video clips. Catherine played the part of Yonah.

Today's prompt is all about weather at Christmas time. It would be wonderful if it snowed at Christmas, but all to often it is mild and dry. Today it is raining heavily here, as it has been most days for the past week, except yesterday when I had to scrape ice from the car, and it was much colder and brighter. We have had snow this year, back in February, and the children really made the most of it, playing in the garden ans in nearby Shenstone Park and Hall Place.

A layout for today will follow after Saturday's crop, the photos are printed and the papers selected, just need to put it all together. I have been playing with the Christmas cartridge for the Cricit and the snowflake image.

Here is my DLO from 2007:

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  1. And the LO you made today is stunning! Thanks for a lovely day Lynn and for your wonderful gift, hope your trip home was ok...xx


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