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Thursday 10 December 2009

Wrap it up!

JYC Day 10 Wrap it up!

This year I have chosen red and gold for my packages, with lots of bows and ribbon.

The kids are not really into stockings anymore but still enjoy having a collection of smaller bits and pieces to open n Christmas morning. I have to say I enjoy shopping for them most of the year, whenever I see something appropriate. For the last few years I have picked out a roll of paper each and wrap their gifts so they are 'coded' so to speak - saves labelling them all!

This year Alan went to an auction in Suffolk and bought this lovely wooden chest.

So I have been wrapping gifts for when all the relatives come on Christmas eve and popping them in the box. Then I plan to fill it with the kids gifts after they go to bed on Christmas eve - if they go to bed before me!

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  1. all those lovely looking pressies, you are going to have a wonderful time opening them all together. I colour code the girls too, much easier than writing loads of tags( more enviromentally friendly too eh ;) ) Love the wooden chest Hun..xxx

  2. Such a good idea - buying them through the year and gift wrapping as you go along. Brilliant. Love the chest too - and how useful throughout the year. xx


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