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Thursday, 4 February 2010


52 Walks with my Camera - Week 5 - Bluewater

This week I took my camera shopping! Wandering around the rather unique Bluewater shopping centre, I took about 40 pictures, I have chosen a few to share here. I'm always fascinated by the attention to detail in the architecture in the modern building. There are some really great shops there too.

.... and finally outside, with a reflection for the challenge.

Log - 52 Walks with My Camera in 2010 so far: 1. Bexleyheath 2. Woodbridge 3. Hall Place 4. Chislehurst 5. Bluewater


  1. Some cracking pics there Lynn, I love Bluewater, but we don't often get up there. I agree with you on how fascinating the achitecture is, but how well the mix goes together....so did you buy anything nice???

  2. Hi Anita, thanks for the comments, We got a new game for the Wii. See you in a few hours.

  3. Lots of great photos Lynn, I agree re the architecture at Bluewater. When you look closely its amazing what you see and find :)


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