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Saturday 11 December 2010

JYC11th December

Journal Your Christmas - Saturday 11th December

The prompt from Shimelle for today is all about Christmas Trees.

We normally get our tree up at the beginning of the month, but were delayed this year. We had been stuck in Suffolk due to the snow, and didn't return home until Saturday 4th December. Catherine came home for the weekend, we met her off the train and went shopping for a tree.

We love a traditional real tree and feel it's worth spending a little extra for a good quality tree with needles that don't drop before you even get it home. We spent some time picking a good shaped tree and came away with a 7 footer!

I have spent years struggling to get a tree to stand and stay upright, and shaping the stump with an axe to get it to fit into a plastic stand. So I was relieved a few years back when I discovered clamp type stand that copes with any width of tree trunk (within reason!) and holds water to keep the tree fresher for longer.

We made a few changes to our lounge this year and as a result the big tree would not work well in this room - not if anyone wanted to watch the TV! We decided to have the tree set up in the dining room instead.  Here it will be enjoyed at meal times and by those playing games etc. around the table. We spend a lot of time in this room over the holidays. It also has a large corner to stand in away from the radiators. On the same day we purchased the tree we got it up and decorated, and the wrapped gifts placed underneath.

As for colour scheme I love the traditional red, white and green decorations and purely plain white lights. I'm not a lover of tinsel but I have collected some lovely ornaments over the years.  Some of these I have received as gifts, others I have purchased and many I have made myself. So as Shimelle puts it, I have what she calls a 'sentimental' tree complete with bits the children made at nursery and school. 

I plan to tell you more about the decorations in another post. I also plan to make a layout about the this year's tree when I have some better photos.

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  1. Looks so warm and cosy! I can't wait to come home. Not long now :) xxxxxxxx


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