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Saturday 30 April 2011

The Thameside Mummers

I put up a photo post on Wednesday 27th May, as part of the 'Beyond Blogging for Scrapbooking' project. The idea was to post photos taken throughout a single day (Monday 25th April) and blog them with no words, just a link to a list of other photo posts following the same project. I had many comments asking me about the men in dresses!

We were travelling from Suffolk to Kent on Monday and the traffic was very bad so we took a diversion off the A12 and stopped for lunch at The Ferryboat Inn. While waiting for the food to arrive we observed a few men dressing up and they came round giving out leaflets about 'The Thameside Mummers', just before putting on a play. 

We were able to watch from the side where we were seated eating lunch.
The tradition of Mummers can be traced back as far as
Ancient Greece, when groups of strolling players would call at private houses and perform a short play, of a mythical or historical tale, or a story of wooing and love, in return for food and drink. The visit was associated with bringing good luck to the household and fertility to the land by their praise of the Ancient Gods.
("Mummer": Origin ME: from OFr. momeur "act in mime")

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