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Tuesday 31 May 2011

Bank Holiday Weekend

We have had a busy weekend. Andrew finished his last exam on Friday and just had to complete his last lab report and pack, to be ready to come home from University having completed his first year - where did that time go? It seams we just returned from setting him up in Manchester back in September! I had to work on Saturday as I was 'on call' so as soon as I could hand over on Sunday morning Alan Catherine and I set off for Blackpool. We have been meaning to visit Blackpool for some time and realised when looking for somewhere to stay overnight it wasn't really that much further on from Manchester.

Well only we could finally go somewhere we have been wanting to visit to find the whole seafront, including the Tower to be having a major makeover. The tower was covered in scaffolding. I'm sure it will all look great when it's open again in September. We took a long walk and ended up windswept on the pier, which also looks in need of some TLC. We had a good time but it was beginning to get chilly so we headed back to the hotel and stopped of for a lovely meal in Bella Italia.

Kiss Me Quick! 

On Monday morning we set off for Manchester to collect Andrew, he was packed and ready to leave when we arrived, so after many trips up and down the stairs to load the car - a lot of 'stuff' can be collected in a year!, we headed off home. While reading the map and planning our best route we commented how close we would be travelling to Emily at Nottingham University. So we took a diversion and popped into to see her. She was thrilled with the unexpected visit, but sad not to be able to come home with us. She has another three weeks of lectures yet.  For the rest of us, it was back to the car and the rest of the trip home.


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend, some fab photos there to scrap! Glad all OK collecting Andrew, poor Emily though :( x

  2. Great photos looks like you had a great time

  3. Wow Lynn that was a quick year. Where did the time go? It must be nice to be getting the family back together.

  4. Crikey Lynn! I cannot believe their first year is done!!! that's mad! You have got some lovely pics there to scrap, shame about the scaffolding though eh....good excuse for another trip ;).xx


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