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Monday 16 May 2011

Fused Glass Workshop

As part of the Art Scilly week, I attended the Phoenix Stained Glass Studio, on St Mary's for a class with Oriel Hicks to work with fusing glass using the kiln. A rare opportunity because the kiln is in use at all other times, and not available for classes. I learnt to cut glass, design and make a coaster, a Christmas decoration, a sun catcher and a piece jewellery using coloured and clear glass. I was amazed to manage four items in the three hour class.

This is my wave, which I intend to hang in the window and will photograph again with the light shining through it.

I made a coaster with scraps of glass in rainbow colours and some fine black frit.

A pendant made with fusing glass pieces and very fine glass rods.

A Christmas tree decoration.

Sadly some of my tree's triangles didn't stay in shape, but I'm still pleased with what I made. I learnt a great deal in this class and would love to return if time allows this week to make something the Tiffany Glass workshop.
Alan says he might join me too.

Thanks Oriel.


  1. Lynn these are beautiful. I especially like the coaster - the colours are gorgeous. You are so lucky getting to try your hand at all these crafts. Enjoy the rest of you holiday.

  2. Wow you HAVE been busy this week Lynn. These glass creations are just beautiful, especially the coaster and the wave.....just gorgeous. So pleased you are having such a wonderful holiday Hun...xxx

  3. Wow, how lucky to be able to learn new thing like this.
    Love the coaster and pendant, cant wait to see it all IRL.

  4. These glass pieces are gorgeous.

  5. beautiful work, that must have been a fabulous workshop :)

  6. Love the rainbow coster beautiful! xx

  7. It was great to try something really different for a change.

  8. Having now seen them IRL, they are even more beautiful :)


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