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Sunday 11 December 2011

Christmas Tree Angel Gifts

Here I am, back with the gifts I made my scrapping friends.
An angel each for the tree top.

Here are all ten angels. 

This is how they looked early in the making! 
Here is the one I made for our tree from a kit by Sue Dolman of Candle House Crafts a few years ago.
Sue doesn't make kits any more but you can still buy the pattern and some of the materials from her.

Here is a closer look at each of the angels. They are made to match the colour scheme of each persons Christmas tree decorations.

The angels are made from:
Body - flesh felt
Shoes - white felt
Wings - Vylene.
Bloomers and dress - white cotton lawn
Halo - gold or silver pipe cleaner
Eyes - Black seed beads
Mouth - DMC embroidery thread
Hair - Tapestry wool
Decorations - 3mm satin ribbon, seed beads and star sequins

xXx Hope you all have a great Christmas girls. xXx

Edited to say:
Message from Sue - 10th October 2011

Dan & Doris the Country Mice - £5.00
Cosmo the Clown Mouse - £3.00
Bride & Groom Mice – £5.00
Mother & Baby Bedtime Mice £5.50
Mother & Baby Story time Mice - £3.00
Mrs Mop the Daily Mouse – £4.00
Mrs Ragamuffin Hedgehog - £5.00
Uncle Hodge the Traveller Hedgehog - £5.00
Florence Bear and her Patchwork - £5.00
Benjamin Bear - £6.00
Basil Bear - £6.00
Ferdie Fox the Poacher - £6.00
Reggie the Gardener Rabbit - £6.00
Rose the Gardener’s Wife – £6.00
Christmas Angel - £3.00
Little Santa - £3.00
Alice & Archie the Rag Doll Twins – £6.00
The Patchwork Doll – £6.00
Polly and her Teddy Bear - £6.00
Sally Springtime Doll - £6.00
Charlotte Doll and her Dolly - £6.00
Vincent the Artist Mouse – 5.00

FABRICS AVAILABLE IN ANY QUANTITY BEGINNING AT 1/4m (that’s half the width x 50cm)

PLAIN PATCHWORK COTTON – 112cm wide @ £1.00 per ¼ m
Royal blue.
Primrose yellow
Deeper pretty pink.

PATTERNED PATCHWORK COTTON – 112 wide @ £1.00 per ¼ m
Pale pink with small white hearts – Storytime fabric.
Cream and black check – Archie’s shirt fabric.
Cream and navy check. Same as above.
Pale blue and white 3mm woven check – brushed finish, very soft – Rosie Rabbit’s dress fabric.
White with pale blue stripe – brushed finish, matching above fabric.
Red with white polka dot, a slightly stiffer cotton - Alice’s dress fabric.
OTHER COTTON FABRICS  112 wide @ £1.00 per 1/4m
Plain bright yellow.
Bright red with 20mm spots, Minnie Mouse fabric.

FUR FABRIC – ACRYLIC 6MM DENSE PILE 150cm wide @  £2.00 per 1/4m
Brown – mouse and bear fur / White / Black.
Dark brown with white speckles, hedgehog fur, 20mm pile. (not much left)
FELT 30% WOOL 70% ACRYLIC 90cm wide @ £1.50 per 1/4m
Bright yellow / golden yellow / orange / beige- mouse ears / mid blue / flesh pink – angel’s face / pale pink / rose pink / orangey pale beige / bright red / terracotta / dark brown / leaf green / sage green / mid grey / black / white.

PRINTED FELT – each piece enough for one pair of trousers @ £1.00 per piece.
Grey felt with printed black stripe – Bride & Groom.
Uncle Hodge’s printed check felt trousers.

IMITATION LEATHER @ £2.00 per 1/4m
Dark brownish green soft imitation leather.  Easy to hand sew - 1m wide.

VELVET @ £1.50 per 1/4m
Bright, good, scarlet short pile velvet, slightly stretchy and hardly frays.  Great colour for Christmas and very nice to work with.
Rust coloured cotton velvet.  Benjamin’s coat.

Large gold sequin stars -angel – 75p per 2gm bag
Small gold sequin stars – angel – 75p per 2gm bag
As above in silver.
Artists pallets – varnished and painted – Vincent – 7 x 5cm- £1.50 each
Gold buckles – 15 x 10mm – Ferdie Fox – 25p each
Mother of pearl buttons – four hole- 8mm- 50p for 20
Golf clubs, Arnold the Golfer’s – sets of 5 – made in brass and chrome plated - £2.50 per set.
Tapestry wool for doll hair. 50p per skein.
Polly – chestnut or blonde – 2 per doll
Alice & Archie – chestnut – 3 between them.
Angel – biscuit colour – 1 per doll
Little Santa – off white – 1 per doll

If you would like to order, email your list and I’ll work out the cost of postage.  I’ll email with the total.    


Minimum order £10.00 minus postage.

Payment by cheque please made payable to Sue Dolman. Or if you prefer I’ll send a Paypal invoice.

Sue Dolman, Candle House, Welham Road, Thorpe Langton, Leicestershire
LE16 7TU.  Tel  01858 545655

I hope this will be helpful to you.

Happy sewing!    Sue      


  1. Lynn, they look beautiful. You are so very clever.

  2. Thank you again Lynn. My fairy is on the top of my tree and looks gorgeous. You are indeed a very clever lady. My grand-daughters thought she was beautiful too. Have a happy Christmas too. Liz x

  3. Lynn I absolutely adore my angel, thankyou so much, they are all beautiful. I am hoping to decorate our tree tomorrow and she will take pride of place at the top. You are so very clever and creative..xxxx

  4. They are all so pretty - I wonder where on earth you get the time? What a lovely gift.

    1. I was so excited when I saw these.
      I made several of them a few years ago, the 1st one I made to replace my own poor angel who was falling to pieces. my daughter saw her and asked me to make one for her, so I made hers with auburn coloured hair.
      Eventually I made one for each of the 'special' people in my life, changing the hair colour to match their new owners. Each angel went to their new home carrying a copy of that angel poem.....'May You Always Have an Angel by Your Side' I think I made 12 in all.
      I has one friend who had lost her hair through chemo and I made hers bald. My friend calls her her 'Chemo Angel' and she sits proudly at the top of her tree each year. She's even been posted on fb!
      Strange how we both did similar things with Sues angel.

  5. Hi do you know where I can get pattern for this angel. I had it to make one. But in our housewives it's no where to be found. X

  6. Who are you please?

    I don't know if I still have it but will look. If not contact Sue at Candle House Crafts, she sells the patterns on their own.

    Lynn x

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  9. Hi Lynn,

    Do you know if Sue Dolman is still contactable?



    Julie Dennis


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