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Saturday 17 December 2011

Christmas Wreath

What a lovely Christmas gift! Linda treated me to an evening at Floral Explosion in Longfield make our own Christmas Wreaths.

This is my finished wreath hanging on the front door.

We were given the blue spruce ring already made up (someone else did the had bit!)
Then we could wander around the shop and choose the elements we wanted to add.

Here is my wreath with my chosen pieces placed and ready to go.

I chose the folksy felt decorations, pine cones, tiny mushrooms (seems a bit of a theme for me at the moment!), broom bundles, I loved the buttons threaded onto the cream felt heart and wanted this to hang down in the centre. I picked a green gingham wired ribbon.

Then we learnt how to wire everything up and attach it to the wreath.

The felt decorations had ribbon loops which hung down, so I took the plunge and decided to cut the loops and tie them in bows. It worked - phew!

I grouped the cones, broom and mushrooms together in three groups.

Then added snow when the wreath was complete.

Then the bow was made with much twisting and looping of the wired ribbon. This was wired and added to the wreath, them arranged and shaped.

I added the button heart so it swings in the centre of the ring.

The finished wreath.

When the Christmas season is over I will have a lovely collection of decorations for next year.

Here is Linda's Wreath hanging on her door. Please see her blog for more information.

Thanks Linda for a really original gift and a lovely evening x
Merry Christmas


  1. Oh WOW Lynn that is absolutely beautiful! I just love the country style theme, so very pretty and not in your face so to speak.....and the button heart finishes it all off perfectly....gorgeous!!! So pleased you were well enough to go in the end and hope you are 100% better now..xxxxx
    just off to visit Linda's blog too :) x

  2. Your wreath looks lovely, we had fun didn't we :)


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