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Monday 30 April 2012

Cake Pops

I have had a play at making cake pops, this is my first attempt! I'm really pleased with how the cakes turned out, but want to find a better way of doing the covering. I felt the Melts were too heavy, but there are lots of other ways of doing this so I will read more and find a lighter recipe.

They taste good and there are so many great ideas for decorating them. I'm looking forward to trying this out again. Maybe I will make a batch to take to the next crop!


  1. these look yummy HUn, Donna used to make these, fab aren't they and a lovely idea.....roll on the crop ;) xxx

  2. Ooo Lynn they look good. How do you get round cakes?

  3. Tasty but sooo naughty I might have to try them myself.

  4. How cool - can't wait to taste one :)

  5. Lets make some more? :)


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