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Monday 23 April 2012

Multicoloured Organisation!

I'm a bit behind in writing about Mothering Sunday. I was very lucky and had a super bunch of flowers and five cards, one each from Andrew Catherine and Emily, one from my God mother and another from my hubby.

I have been using the Cricut a lot lately, and for cutting out various images I have been using up loads of scraps of Bazzill.  I was amazed how much I had accumulated over the years. All my scraps go in a big box under my desk, but I could rarely find the colour I wanted. I decided to sort them out and ended up with many stacks of different coloured card. I needed somewhere to store them so I could make good use of them.

My three lovely offspring clubbed together for and got me this fab storage set of drawers (Really Useful Boxes), as a gift and they are ideal for the job. I can now find what I want when I need it. No more cutting into a new sheet of 12"x12" cardstock for a small image for a card or layout.

Here it is after being filled and wheeled into place in my craft area.

Although it was during term time, Catherine and Emily were here for the weekend which made it really special.
Thank you Andrew, Catherine and Emily.
Lynn x


  1. Oh WOW! Lynn, that is just beautiful! I am VERY jealous lol. Love your rainbow room....fab xxx

  2. What a fab set of drawers! I've split all my scraps into different colour ways and just put them in 12 x 12 baggies on top of my Cropper Hopper rolling cart - it's very repetious, finding the colour that I want - but it works for me! Happy organising! x

  3. What a fab present, really useful!


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